A company, organization, or government agency may have different departments- each with its own set of staff members. It could thus be tiresome to keep a record of who completed what within how much time. Besides analyzing individual performances, companies can also benefit from a properly organized schedule for what to do within a day and how much was achieved within that period.

Say hello to CEDTRACK! This is an online application that enables all staff members in an organization to schedule tasks for a day/week, with estimated duration per task. The advantage is that when the management knows how employees spend their time, relevant work can be analyzed to make better decisions or strategies.

The CEDTRACK is beneficial for individual professionals, small teams and even an entire organization. Core benefits of CEDTRACK are:

  • Real-time tracking

    CEDTRACK enables you to track tasks in real-time. It serves like an automated timer marking the starting and completion of each task. That is, at least employees will know how much they have left. This will give insights on how much time each employee takes to complete a task. Administrators of the portal get notified every time an employee enters a task and completes it. CEDTRACK thus also serves the purpose of marking attendance. Employees will have to daily schedule the expected jobs for the day.

  • Proof of Work

    Another core advantage of CEDTRACK is that it is clear proof of all tasks completed by each task member in a day. As details are entered in real time, there will be no suspicion of duplicate or false entries. In addition, CEDTRACK enables an employee to tag his/her supervisor. Hence, the appropriate senior in an organization will be able to supervise the work of all staff members under him/her. To top it all, CEDTRACK enables you to enter a block of time even after completion of work in case you had to go out in between, attend a meeting or similar tasks.

  • Reporting features

    CEDTRACK features off dashboards and reports that enable categorization of daily, weekly, or monthly time spent per project or per task. It also enables the exporting of data in multiple formats. These reports may contain summary of tasks done, project/task specific information and all notes left for each task by everyone involved.

  • Team Collaboration

    Work in your company may not concentrate on independent professionals. There could be different teams and several people in a single team. Sometimes, the work you do may require contributions from others as well. CEDTRACK helps this objective and enables team collaboration. You can upload files and share it with other members of your team. They could see how much you have completed and work on their individual parts alone. CEDTRACK is the perfect solution for collaborating the work of different team members and/or different departments in a company.

  • Project Management

    CEDTRACK guides everyone to complete projects on time and with the expected quality. In addition, it creates accountability by assigning a particular task to each employee. This way, total of ownership of tasks can be undertaken by specific employee and they can give commitment for completion.

This post just gave an outline of CEDTRACK. But there is a lot more. Call or visit us for a direct discussion. You could also mail us with your enquiries. A demo can be arranged for a proper preview. Every solution starts with a single move. We invite you to make that move and reach out to us.