Align your teams – Accelerate Business

Keep your teams connected, engaged, and current. Share table views, set preferences, add documents, insert snippets, chat for clarity, and more on one platform – Collaboration redefined. Great teams need great tools to better adoption and faster results. CEDTRACK has it all and we enable enterprises.

We are here to grow with you

Enterprise solutions to operationalize hybrid working for operational efficiency. Our enterprises solutions are future ready supported by professional services and add-on features. Connect with us today.

  • Seamless information flow: Connect teams to communicate, collaborate and update to speed up deliverables and improve customer satisfaction. Boosting productivity by eliminating information bottlenecks and geographical limitations.

  • Decision making simplified: Information drives business decisions and we will empower you with real-times updates. CEDTRACK team would work on your requirement to offer you best solution to so that you could do what you are good at, leading the team

  • Connect teams anywhere: With the changing market dynamics and business usual conditions teams could deliver from anywhere yet could be in sync. We would enable teams to collaborate through customizable workflows, views and more through secured communication.

  • Stay connected & Stay competitive: CEDTRACK understands how important it is for the teams to stay connected. That is the reason why more that 500 organizations are trusting us to be competitive and current. There is no better way to track workflow and connect teams.

Embedded Security & Compliances

We understand the need of reliability, security and processes for mutual business growth. Our policies and procedures are inter-woven into our operations for consistent delivery every time.

Database Security

Dedicated , reliable and independent databases for enterprises to protect data privileges. Our security specialists mitigates risk to meet the compliance demands

Trained Team

Our technical and support teams are from various domains understanding the specific needs of our customers and are trained on wide range of privacy and security topics.

Access Management

You data is secure and safe. We follow least privilege employees data access right monitored by senior executives so that you could rest assured to use our solutions.