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We are poised to change the way business look at market through human-centric Decision science solutions for a unified view of the customer.

Who Are We?

CEDTRACK is a brainchild of professionals from technology, management and behavioural sciences to find the right sync between the personalization & behavioural analysis, powered by AI/ML algorithms to deliver human-centric solutions to the organizations to unlock their dormant potential. The solutions are derived from the domain experience of the team where the behavioural sciences guide the marketing efforts to maximise the returns.

We are on a mission to transform the view of organizations towards their customers. No more onesize-fits-all marketing mix approach but a individualized approach knowing their target better through simple visualization models to AI-based solutions

Gone are the days where marketing and management teams take blind risks based on their unvalidated experiences or following the competitions trends working on the discrete data pools resulting average customer engagement. We even train your teams to be future ready. Our collective experience and technology backed solutions leverages on the right mix between knowing the attitudes & behaviours of the target group and the data-centric approach enabled by the advanced visualization & decision sciences.


Why us?

We are on a mission. From our internal practices to our customers, we are focused on one thing: Human-centric solutions. We help you to come out of the information silos to integrate data-centric decision as part of your regular business process.

We are interested in increasing the Customer Lifetime Value through explicit delivery of quantifiable solutions to be the leader in the decision sciences. We are innovative and committed to our customers - unlocking their dormant potential. We are young and flexible with real-time experience in integrating the behavioural sciences with the AI-based algorithms to help you achieve your business objectives.


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