Managing different teams or departments can be tiresome; especially if there are lot of roles involved.. Businessmen and managers like you continuously search for other options to improve the approaches of scheduling and planning. These factors could directly or indirectly impact employee productivity, costs and efficiency. But relax; CEDTRACK is the answer!

Keeping up with the schedule of all the employees has been made easy through many employee scheduling products that are now available

CEDTRACK is a unique web application that is integrated with the concept of data science to accurately organize and schedule activities of staff in an organization. With this, management of businesses such as you can have a comprehensive outlook of all the tasks scheduled by an employee for a day/week, portion of work completed and time taken for each task. The workflow in CEDTRACK can be illustrated as:

With CEDTRACK, the advantages you get include but will not be limited to the following-

  • Saving on a Single Platform

    All work done within a day or scheduled time can be uploaded into a common server handled by a business. This way, transparency will be maintained and files will be safe. Also, en employee could work from the office or on a remote-basis. However, CEDTRACK ensures that all work is saved on the same platform.

  • Effective Project Management

    CEDTRACK enables the management of a project or all activities of a workforce by planning, scheduling, organizing, and prioritizing tasks. These tasks can be assigned to specific resources or the latter can themselves list the tasks they expect to complete in a day. Analysis can be done on how much time an employee takes to complete the assigned task. Hence, CEDTRACK enables great project management.

  • Prioritizing

    Listing all tasks you have scheduled for a day or any period of time can help you prioritize the tasks that need to be completed first. CEDTRACK enables the organization and ranking of your tasks based on their urgency. Moreover, the scheduled time will keep your prepared for the task. You will know how much duration is expected and your mind will not wander anywhere. This data helps you to plan your actions more effectively. Due dates can be used to link your to-do items to business goals and projects.

  • Streamlined Communication

    Employees can share files, enter text messages and create reports of their work on a single platform. This will ensure streamlined communication as well as transparency between employees and the management. Trust among the workforce will increase and the automated reports will give clear indication of how much was completed for each period of time.

  • Easy Evaluation

    Usage of CEDTRACK by employees will make it easier for their management to easily evaluate performance in real time. This can be evaluation for highlighting errors as well as the time required to complete a task. Areas of the work as well as an employee’s approach can be analyzed immediately.

  • Best Employee Recognition

    CEDTRACK also enables best employee recognition for their performances. The real-time performance evaluation can be used for appraisal as well as on-spot appreciation of work. Such actions can make employees feel happy and comfortable as well as boost their productivity.

These were among the core advantages of CEDTRACK. A more comprehensive overview can be generated by signing up for a subscription-based model where you use CEDTRACK as per your time or specific project requirements. Reach out to us through direct visit, mail or phone for more.